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A Conversation With Joel Osteen + Lakewood Music

We have such great worship here at Lakewood. Cindy has been with us over 20 years. She comes from a family of great worship leaders, the Cruz Family. Steve and Dadra are some of the most talented and anointed, not only singers, but ministers in the world. Michael and Fiona, who lead our choir, used to tour with world renowned artists, and have done great things. They’ve all helped raise up a younger generation to join them. We called it Lakewood Young Adults (LYA). Now they’re called Lakewood Music. They’ve come up through our high school and young adult ministries. They’ve been writing and singing together since they were teenagers. We sing their songs, In The Name, Unrivaled and many others. They’re releasing a new album. I’m very proud of them. From one generation to another, we’re going to tell of God’s goodness. I’ll hope you’ll check it out.

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