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A Reminder For Your Anxious Heart | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Secrets of The Peace Offering (29 Aug 2021)

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Want to experience the peace that Jesus Himself lived by when He was on earth? Find out how you can enjoy the shalom peace of God that remains unshaken by setbacks and brings deliverance, wholeness, and healing to every situation. Join Joseph Prince as he uncovers secrets of the peace offering in the book of Leviticus, and begin to experience the Lord’s overwhelming peace being multiplied to you. Learn how you can:

• Enjoy a peace that remains steady in the face of challenges and seemingly impossible situations.
• Receive God’s healing, protection, and deliverance for every part of your life when you feed on His love and affections for you.
• Experience God’s miracle-working power that brings about breakthroughs when you value the blood of Jesus and His finished work.
• Operate in God’s powerful anointing and see His wisdom and strength flow in your life.

Enjoy your Savior’s love for you in this in-depth study of the peace offering, and receive a fresh impartation of His shalom peace in your life!

Excerpt Summary:
0:00 Peace Is Not Something You Have To Achieve
1:44 How To Practice His Peace This Week
3:50 The Effects Of Chronic Stress
5:32 What It Means To Look Unto Jesus
7:50 Don’t Look At Self, Look At Christ!
10:10 Decibel Worship—A Music Initiative By Joseph Prince Ministries

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