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AVAILABLE ON DEMAND: The Powerful Benefits Of God’s Word | Gospel Partner Episode

Ever feel like it’s hard to read the Bible? Not sure where to start or whether you’re understanding it correctly? This week, we are streaming 3 Gospel Partner episodes that will help you start reading and enjoying the benefits of God’s Word. These 3 episodes are also now available on demand on our YouTube Channel. Check out the links of each episode below!

1) The Powerful Benefits Of God’s Word (Preached on Aug 21, 2022):
2) Powerful Keys To Unlocking God’s Word (Preached on Sep 4, 2022):
3) Seeing Jesus Can Release Your Breakthrough (Preached on Sep 18, 2022):

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR GOSPEL PARTNERS: Because of your support, the gospel is reaching over 200,000 views from over 150 countries every week, with 8,000 people discovering an episode/our channel every day. Each view represents precious people who might otherwise have not been able to hear the gospel.

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