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Caleb’s Secret To Unstoppable Faith Revealed | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Follow Jesus And Blessings Follow You (3 Apr 2016)

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Want to have a blessed family life? Thrive in all you do? Or be found at the right place at the right time? When you follow Jesus, these blessings follow you!

In this inspiring sermon, Joseph Prince shows you how you can remain strong and drive out the giants in your life as Caleb did when you learn to walk in the right fear of the Lord and choose to follow Him. Discover also the apostle John’s secret to how he was always found following the Lord.

As you learn to follow your loving Savior and Shepherd, see His favor, peace, and supply following you!

0:00 How To Live An Effective Life
2:00 Caleb’s Secret To Unstoppable Faith
4:58 John’s Secret To Following The Lord
7:53 New Book By Joseph Prince—Give Me This Mountain

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