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Pastor Mark of New Creation Church CNY Blessing Prayer

February 16, 2021

  Dear God’s beloved in Christ Jesus. Let’s receive this “Chinese New Year blessings” from Pastor Mark of New Creation Church. Be blessed and prosper throughout this 2021.. Serving @  

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The Key To Seeing Godly Results | Joseph Prince

The Key To Seeing Godly Results | Joseph Prince

November 26, 2020

This excerpt is from: What It Means To Fall From Grace (22 Nov 2020) Get the full message: Joseph Prince app – – Contrary to popular belief, “falling from grace” doesn’t mean falling into sin. In fact,…

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Pastor Joseph Prince – Healing and Blessing Prayer -30th August 2020

August 30, 2020

Dear God’s Beloved in Christ Jesus..  Let’s Received the Healing and Prayer of Blessings and received it now.. It is by Faith you are in this webpage.  God wants you to meditate and receive this breakthrough and Healing and blessings . ! AMEN !

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You're Still Going to Get There | Joel Osteen

You’re Still Going to Get There | Joel Osteen

July 20, 2020

We all face situations in life that feel like they’re going to derail our purpose. But God wouldn’t have allowed that storm if it was going to keep you from your destiny. Storms may come, but the good news is,…

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How To Be Led By The Holy Spirit | Joseph Prince

July 17, 2020

How To Be Led By The Holy Spirit | Joseph Prince In three revelatory messages by Joseph Prince, find out how you have a God-sent Helper, the Holy Spirit, to lead you day by day, situation by situation, into the abundant life God has for you! Discover how hearing Him and following His promptings can […]

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Joseph Prince – Expect A Harvest Of Blessings

July 12, 2020

Expect A Harvest Of Blessings Click the Video to get a Harvest of Blessings ! Live with a confident expectation of good, when you know the truth about sowing and reaping in the new covenant! Hear Joseph Prince rightly divide the Word and explain the difference between sowing and reaping in the old covenant and […]

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平约瑟 (Joseph Prince) – 蒙福生命的关键 | 新造视频

July 11, 2020

我们都想过蒙福的生活:享受良好的家庭关系、健康、平安、喜乐与有意义的人生。但是到底是什么拦阻我们经历祝福?在本篇信息中, 平约瑟牧师将带领我们看见到底是什么拦阻我们活出精彩的人生,也带领我们解锁关键,让我们能领受神所为我们预备的祝福。学习如何: • 根除所有错误的信念,看见神要给你前所未见的健康、供应和情绪的健全。 • 看见成瘾问题和疾病毫不费力地从生活当中消失。 • 经历神转变的大能,恢复你的婚姻关系,并使你的孩子经历平安和成功。 神的儿女,别甘于失败的生活,让这信息驱使你活出在基督里、原本就属于你的蒙福生活。 — 您听了关于耶稣所成就的完美工作之后,是否在生活中见证了祂的美善和信实?欢迎您和我们分享。 Email: 无论您正面对什么挑战,我们非常乐意和您一起凭信祷告。Email: 有疑问吗?请发送电子邮件与我们联系。Email:  

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Windows of Grace | Joel Osteen

July 6, 2020
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Grace Revolution (Full Sermon) | Live at Lakewood Church | Joseph Prince

July 4, 2020

    Grace Revolution (Full Sermon) In his first live preaching session in the United States at Lakewood Church, Joseph Prince unveils the loveliness of Jesus and the glory of His grace in an uplifting and powerful message. Experience God’s love and grace afresh as Joseph shows you from one Bible story to another, the […]

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“Seasons of Silence”, by Joel Osteen.

November 11, 2016

Credit to Pastor Joel Osteen. ( Author and Youtube) We all have times where it feels like God went on vacation. But Joel wants to show you how God uses those seasons of silence to get us prepared. When you’re hidden, you won’t see anything happening on the outside, but on the inside, God’s doing […]

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