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Dealing With Anxiety? Memorize This Psalm | Joseph Prince

Dear friends, during this time of the global pandemic, it is vital for us to memorize and meditate on Psalm 91, which is the psalm of protection.

Psalm 91 is a psalm about those of us who dwell in the secret place of the Most High, which is in Christ! As believers, when fear or anxious thoughts creep in, it is the Word of God through this Psalm that will rescue you from those worries and reassure you of the Lord’s divine protection over your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Whatever trappings the devil might have for you, the Lord will surely deliver you from them. Even for the pestilences that you don’t even know exist around you (i.e. asymptomatic cases of COVID-19), God has promised in His Word that He will protect you, and you need not fear.

Let us start memorizing Psalm 91. You can even take time as a family and make it a fun activity to memorize this psalm together. We believe that you will see God’s divine protection in action as you and your loved ones meditate on His Word!

This excerpt is from: Break Free From The Chains Of Condemnation (09 Aug 2020)

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