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FULL SERMON: Power To Renew Your Youth | Gospel Partner Episode

Join us for a brand new Gospel Partner episode this week!

We will be premiering the full sermon, Power To Renew Your Youth, on our YouTube Channel. In this week’s episode, learn how you can live a long, fulfilling life with sustained health and strength.

For our friends tuning in from America
• Wednesday, 7pm (PT)
• Wednesday, 9pm (CT)
• Wednesday, 10pm (ET)

For our friends tuning in from Singapore
• Thursday, 10am (SGT)

🌎 If you’re living in other time zones, here’s a useful tool to know what time to join us online:

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR GOSPEL PARTNERS: Because of your support, the gospel is reaching over 200,000 views from over 150 countries every week, with 8,000 people discovering an episode/our channel every day. Each view represents precious people who might otherwise have not been able to hear the gospel.

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Do also share this with your loved ones and friends and invite them to watch the screening with you! See you soon!

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