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Get Excited To Read The Bible Again! | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Ask Big, Ask Bold (16 May 2021)
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Child of God, come boldly to your heavenly Father and ask Him for big things! In this revelation-packed message by Joseph Prince, learn powerful truths from the story of Caleb and his daughter Achsah that will inspire you to start possessing all the blessings that God has in store for you. Discover keys to your breakthroughs and more when you see how you can:

• Operate in faith and ask big of your heavenly Father when you see the abundant inheritance He has for you.
• Break free from self-condemnation and pride—the two barriers that stop you from seeing your miracles.
• Become stronger through every struggle as you gain heaven’s perspective on your challenges.
• Start walking in your blood-bought blessings such as healing and provision when you have a revelation of your true identity in Christ.
• Be delivered from self-occupation into Christ-occupation and be effortlessly transformed from glory to glory.

Beloved, when you see your Father’s heart to bless you with every good promise, you can’t help but come to Him with a spirit of bold faith!

Excerpt Summary:
0:00 God’s Word Is Our Inheritance Book!
2:01 Every Name In The Bible Has Meaning
3:34 A Study On Caleb And Achsah’s Story (Joshua 15)
5:38 What Are The Upper And Lower Springs?
10:36 The Significance Of The Valley Of Achor (Hosea 2)
12:49 How Do We Read The Old Testament?

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