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God Rescued Me Out Of Debt | Pastor Mark | Special Gospel Partner Excerpt

Where is your trust placed in the face of uncertain times? Who do you turn to when life hits rock bottom? This week, we are featuring a powerful excerpt by Pastor Mark from New Creation Church. Be encouraged as he shares immutable truths from the Bible of God’s love and grace towards you through the lens of his own personal journey out of debt.

This excerpt is from the sermon, Trust Jesus, Not Uncertain Riches, preached on Aug 14, 2022.

Stay tuned to this full special Gospel Partner episode launching in 3 weeks! Or watch this full sermon plus 1,000 more now when you subscribe to any of our Gospel Partner subscription plans. Your first month of subscription is free! Find out more here:

Excerpt Summary
0:00 Fight From Victory, Not For Victory
1:59 Keep On Hearing The Gospel
4:28 Rest In Jesus’ Finished Work
6:37 The Secret Is In His Name
8:33 Don’t Focus On When/How
10:22 What God Did For Him, He Can Do For You!

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