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Healing Scriptures Is Now Available For Request! | Joseph Prince

Listen to Joseph Prince read God’s healing promises over you!

Accompanied by instrumental music, the reading of these healing scriptures will wash over you and immerse you in God’s healing anointing. Perfect for your daily meditation or listening at any time of the day, wherever you are. If you have a loved one in the hospital who is unable to pick up an e-book, get God’s living and powerful Word to them by playing this Healing Scriptures audio companion over them.

How can I get Healing Scriptures (audio companion + e-book)?
• Purchase & support our mission to bless 5 others
• If you can’t afford to purchase Healing Scriptures on your own, you can request it for free thanks to the support of our Gospel Partners!

Purchase/request this resource for free here:

Already have a Gospel Partner subscription? This resource is included with your subscription. Get access to over 1,000 JP sermons when you sign up for a subscription plan. Your first month is free! Visit:

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