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Here’s What’s Affecting Your Emotions | Joseph Prince

Have you been experiencing mind games, mental oppression, or sleepless nights from battling anxious thoughts?
This excerpt is from: God’s Answer For Spiritual Warfare (18 Oct 2020)

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Friend, this is spiritual warfare. In this powerful message by Joseph Prince, learn how spiritual warfare is waged in the mind, and discover how you can wield God’s weapons to overcome the enemy’s tactics against you. Learn truths that will help you:

• Break free from the cycle of negative emotions and low self-esteem.
• Replace every depressive and defeatist thought with the truth of God’s Word.
• Overcome bad habits and addictions by being established in your identity in Christ.
• Get through difficult times and come out on the other side to a life of faith, hope, and love

Win the war for your mind and step into a glorious, radiant, and joyful life when you hear God’s answer for spiritual warfare!

0:00 How To Overcome Fear
2:02 The Battle Arena Is In Your Mind
3:56 Here’s What’s Affecting Your Emotions
5:49 Learn To Recognize The Enemy’s Tactics
6:52 The Secret To Winning In Spiritual Warfare
9:28 New Book By Joseph Prince—Give Me This Mountain

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