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How Do I Know I’m Making The Right Choices For My Life? | Joseph Prince

This clip is from: Joseph Prince—Follow the Promptings of the Spirit (6 Dec 2020) @josephprince

If you’re wondering how to start sensing God’s leading, Pastor Prince shares that one of the best ways is simply to start moving! That’s right, when you take a step forward towards a decision, that’s when you can sense the peace (or lack of it) in your heart, signaling whether you’re headed in the right direction. Just as a GPS system can’t offer directions until the car starts moving, the Holy Spirit prompts you when you start taking the next step or two.

If you’re hesitating or fretting over some choices in your life, or even seeking to move in the gifts of the Spirit, can we encourage you to make a move first and allow the Lord to lead you along one step at a time? It’s often a process and journey to eventually reach the end point but as you take each step with the Lord, you can be assured that He already knows where you’re going to end up. Not only will He make sure you get there (see Phil. 1:6), you can be assured that it will be restful and for your good (see Rom 8:28). So, take heart and while you plan your path, let Him direct you step by step when to move ahead or stop, and even help you when you need to change your plans (see Pro. 16:9)!

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