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How To Activate The Gifts Of The Spirit | Joseph Prince

Flow in the gifts of the Spirit and begin to see supernatural results in every area of your life!
This excerpt is from: Activate The Gifts Of The Spirit (31 May 2020)

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Walk in God’s best blessings and be a vessel of God’s love to those around you when you activate the powerful gifts of the Spirit. In this eye-opening message by Joseph Prince, discover how you can live a powerful and purposeful Spirit-active life as you:

• Learn about all nine gifts of the Spirit and how you can activate them in your daily life.
• Step into the Spirit’s supply of abundant life and health for you and your loved ones.
• Exercise your position and authority as a king, priest, and prophet in Christ and experience your breakthroughs.
• Develop a strong desire to be actively led by the Spirit and see the Lord do mighty miracles for you and others.

Child of God, the gifts of the Spirit are your portion to own. Start seeking them and see the Spirit work wonders in your life and the lives of those around you!

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