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How To Meditate On God’s Word | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Keys To Good Success (31 Jan 2021)

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Discover the keys to good success that will unlock divine health in your body and emotions, fulfilling relationships with your loved ones, results and growth in your career and ministry, and much more! In this practical message by Joseph Prince, learn the power of seeking God’s wisdom and meditating on His Word. You’ll see how you can:

• Experience divine turnarounds and find answers for every challenge when you operate with God’s spirit of wisdom.
• Receive healing and health, restoration for your marriage, and deliverance from addictions when you meditate on the faith pictures found in God’s Word.
• Be supernaturally effective in your spheres of influence and responsibility when you receive God’s discernment for every situation.
• Prosper in everything you set your hand to do when you make meditating on God’s Word a way of life.

Begin to walk in God’s wisdom for daily living and flourish in every season of life!

0:00 The Spirit Of Wisdom Operates Together With God’s Word
2:58 When You Meditate, You Are Setting Your Mind On The Spirit
5:23 Biblical Meditation: What It Is And What It’s Not
7:55 Meditation Is The Key To Success
9:48 How Do We Receive God’s Wisdom?
10:45 Find A Verse That Speaks To You And Start Meditating!

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