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How To Overcome Stress And Beat Burnout | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Answers For A Hurried Life (05 Sep 2021)

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Hurried. Busy. Tired. Many of us are all too familiar with the frantic pace of modern living and its painful side effects of worry, anxiety, and stress-related issues. Beloved, God can give you success without costing you your health and relationships! In this practical message by Joseph Prince, discover God’s answers to enjoying His abundant life free of fatigue. Learn how you can:

• See your career, family life, and relationships flourish when you learn what it means to abide in Christ.
• Start experiencing restoration of health and freedom from depression when you guard your heart from worrisome thoughts.
• Live life restful and focused instead of worried and distracted when you prioritize doing the “one thing needful” (Luke 10:42)—feeding on God’s Word.
• Stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, and live in the present where God’s supply of favor for every situation profusely abounds.

Child of God, begin to live life in the rhythms of grace and experience good success as you are led by His peace and His Spirit!

Excerpt Summary:
0:00 God Wants You To Slow Down And Live!
1:24 Lessons To Learn From The Story Of Martha And Mary
4:51 What Being Worried Means
6:33 What Being Troubled Means
8:01 Jesus Cares About Your Inside
9:32 His Finish Line Is Your Starting Post

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