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How To Receive The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Baptism Of The Holy Spirit (24 Oct 2021)

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Receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and begin to experience His power and glory! In this essential message by Joseph Prince, discover how the Holy Spirit can empower you, guide you, and cause you to live victoriously. See a remarkable transformation in your family life, relationships, and ministry when you lay hold of the truths in this sermon. Learn how you can:

• See your marriage and children flourish despite difficult times when you receive God’s promise of the Holy Spirit.
• Pray accurate and effective prayers—even when you’re at a loss for words—by simply praying in the Spirit.
• Experience the fruits and the gifts of the Spirit manifesting in your daily life when you make a habit of praying in the Spirit.
• Receive God’s power in your life and effortlessly become a witness for Him as you shine with His glory in all you do.

Arise, shine, and let the Holy Spirit’s glory be so evident upon you—so much so that people can’t help but acknowledge that God is in your life!

Excerpt Summary
0:00 Am I Baptized In The Spirit Once I’m Saved?
2:41 What Is The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit?
4:01 The Holy Spirit Doesn’t Drive You, He Leads You
6:07 Pray In The Spirit Often!
8:10 Prayer To Receive The Baptism Of The Spirit

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