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How To See Favor Increase In Your Life | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Stand On Favor Ground (4 Apr 2021)
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Child of God, you have an undisputed right to stand on the ground of God’s favor and see Him work all things out for your good! In this Resurrection Sunday message by Joseph Prince, discover how you can actively take your place on favor ground and receive all the other breakthroughs you need—whether it is protection, healing, or answered prayers. Learn key truths that will help you:

• Experience robust peace in your relationship with God and begin to look forward to a bright future filled with His favor.
• Have a revelation of His heart to bless you and see Him over-abundantly exceed and answer all your expectations.
• Live stress-free and unperturbed by life’s challenges when you see how you can trust the Lord to put every enemy under your feet.
• Grow in an intimate knowledge of God and His Word like never before when you believe that you have been made righteous in Christ.

Stand firmly on what Jesus has purchased for you through His death and resurrection, and begin to experience His favor every single day of your life!

0:00 Knowing You Have Favor Vs Actually Possessing It
3:21 You Have Permanent Access To God’s Favor
4:58 Why We Read The Bible
6:22 Why You Have God’s Favor Today
9:04 Possess God’s Favor By Declaring It!
9:40 Decibel Worship—A Music Initiative By Joseph Prince Ministries

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