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Jesus Draws Near When You Are Discouraged (Full Sermon) | Special Screening | Joseph Prince

Dear friends, I would like to invite you to watch a special screening of a sermon I preached when I was in the beautiful land of Israel. It is called “Jesus Draws Near When You Are Discouraged,” and it will be screened on December 1 at 8am (ET).

I always love visiting Israel—the land that is so dear to God’s heart and where so many significant biblical events took place. 3 years ago, I had the amazing privilege and opportunity to preach at Caesarea Maritima. It was here that the apostle Peter first preached to the Gentiles, and the Holy Spirit fell on them. It was here that the apostle Paul gave his defence of the gospel before King Agrippa. And it was from here that the gospel of grace first went forth into the world. Caesarea Maritima is such a special place because it was here that the Lord made it known that the good news is for everyone!

And that includes you.

So please enjoy this special message I preached at Caesarea Maritima. If life has left you feeling discouraged and disappointed, I believe you’ll be uplifted and strengthened by this word. In this sermon, I share how you can receive restoration for your broken heart and dreams and how your discouragement doesn’t have to derail you from your God-given destiny. Take heart, my friend, for our Lord Jesus has come to lift you out of your discouragement and lead you on a renewed path of hope and purpose!

0:00 Intro: Caesarea Maritima And The Gospel Of Grace
13:27 When You’ve Lost Your Praise
20:50 Does God Care About The Broken Hearted?
28:56 What Actually Happened When Jesus Healed The Leper (Matthew 8)
37:21 Why Jesus Wept
38:12 He Will Seek You Out In Your Lowest Moments
52:06 The True Definition Of Love
1:01:49 Closing Prayer

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