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Join us NOW for a special sermon screening of the sermon, Give Me This Mountain!

Dear friends, we would like to invite you to watch a special screening of this sermon, Give Me This Mountain. Joseph’s new book, Give Me This Mountain—Faith To Go From Barely Surviving To Actually Thriving, was inspired by this very sermon that he preached 2 years ago about the story of Caleb in the Bible. In this message, he shared about Caleb’s spirit and his secret to overcoming every giant that was standing on a mountain that God had promised him.

We really believe that Caleb’s secret holds the key to us thriving in these times, where we’re faced with numerous adversities around us and in our personal lives. As you watch this sermon, we are believing that you’ll come away encouraged and faith-filled to see that there is a good God is with you and that He holds the answer to conquering every giant in your life.

Receive a free copy of Unstoppable Faith when you preorder Give Me This Mountain. Visit to preorder your copy and gain access to read the first 2 days of this book.

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