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Joseph Prince – Moving By Grace In The Holy Spirit’s Gifts—Part 1 – 12 June 2011

Flow effortlessly and super-naturally in the gifts of the Holy Spirit! Join Joseph Prince in part one of this exciting message preached at a servers’ camp for New Creation Church, Singapore. Uncover what the nine gifts are and be encouraged to know that every believer can operate in these grace gifts. Whether it is your family, ministry or work, this message will stir your faith and help you to minister and operate in the power of the Holy Spirit!

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Joseph Prince – Marcher par Grâce dans les dons du Saint-Esprit -Partie 1 – 12 Juin 2011

ジョセフ・プリンス (Joseph Prince) 聖霊の賜物にグレースによって動く 12 June 2011

Joseph Prince – Acționați prin har în darurile Duhul Sfânt -Partea 1- 12 Junie 2011

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