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Let God Lead You Step by Step | Joseph Prince

This clip is from: Joseph Prince—The Lord of Time And Space (5 Jan 2020) @josephprince

When you’re faced with a mountain too huge to scale, what’s the best way over it? Answer: Step by step! 🚶

Often, we can’t see the end of the journey or the way out of the problem from where we are. But the Holy Spirit leads us one step at a time and beloved, that is all you need to think about for now. Instead of worrying about the future or getting stuck in the past, receive His fresh grace that is given each day—for today—and trust that it is enough. 🙂

Would you take things one day at a time and let Him guide you today? It’s just a matter of time before you find yourself in a new space and experience the real and lasting change in your life! A digital magazine and online channel by Joseph Prince Ministries. Check out at for more grace-centered content.

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