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Need Prayer Today? Watch This. | Joseph Prince

This clip is from: Joseph Prince—The Lord of Time and Space (5 Jan 2020) and The Lord of Time and Space—Part 2 (12 Jan 2020) @josephprince

Friend, are you in need of prayer today? Whether you’re seeking the Lord’s wisdom for your situation or believing for a breakthrough in an area of your life, receive this blessing spoken over you by Pastor Prince!

No matter what you ask of God, know that He hears you and have faith that your answer is on the way. Truly, the Lord is never limited by time or space and will lead you step by step to your place of breakthrough, restoration and overflow.

2020 is not over yet, dream big and ask big of your heavenly Father who’s never late, but always on time. He loves you and loves pouring out blessings on His child!

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