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New Book By Joseph Prince: Give Me This Mountain | Official Trailer #2

GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN is a book—no—a guide to faith.

Real, raw, and authentic faith.

Not the kind of polished, feel-good faith that’s only good on the good days and vanishes the moment life turns up the heat.

We’re talking about faith for when and where it really matters— in the face of adversity, disappointment, anxiety about the future, and the seemingly impossible odds we’re up against that the world and our culture remind us of 24/7. Faith that doesn’t sidestep the issues, but with chutzpah, grit, and a lot of grace, confronts and takes on every mountain—whatever it might be.

Above all, this book is about faith in a good God and His ability to hold on to us even when our faith fails. Over 4 weeks:
• Lean in to the life of Caleb and other inspiring men and women in the Bible.
• Discover powerful truths about God’s ways of faith that will cause you to take ground in life and start thriving.
• Engage with thought-provoking reflection prompts, questions, and compelling activities that will help you own and apply these keys in your own life and begin to go from barely surviving to actually thriving!

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