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Power To Receive | Pastor Darren Sim | NCC Leaders & Servers Meeting (8 Sep 2020)

2020 has been an unprecedented and incredibly challenging year for so many, but it did not take our Lord Jesus by surprise. At the start of this year, when the Lord gave Pastor Prince “Time and Space” as the theme for 2020, He was already providing for us—His church—the answers we would need to overcome every adversity we would face.

Because you’re a part of our community and a follower of the ministry, watch this special online session by Pastor Darren Sim that was held exclusively for New Creation Church leaders & volunteers.

Pastor Darren has been involved in supporting Pastor Prince’s broadcast and publishing ministries for the past 15 years. He is also a pastor in New Creation Church and the pastoral overseer of Grace Revolution Church in Dallas, Texas.

This powerful and anointed message called Power to Receive in the Year of Time X Space will prepare you for the last four months of 2020. Get ready to ascend to the third-floor chamber in this year of Time and Space!

In this session, learn how you can:
• Be divinely positioned at the right place and the right time to experience the Lord’s provision.
• Overcome familiarity and receive God’s word in season for your life through • the preached Word.
• Not only receive God’s blessings, but contain them till you overflow and become a blessing to others.

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