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Struggling To Hold It Together After A Broken Relationship? Watch This. | Joseph Prince

This clip is from: Joseph Prince—God Loves To Exceed Your Expectations Toward You (3 Jul 2016) @josephprince

We know not every relationship works out. For those who are in the midst of heartbreak, you may be wondering if the pain will ever end and if there’s anything left to look forward to.

In the midst of your pain, know that Jesus Himself is with you. He knows every bit of rejection, heartache and loss that you experience (see Ps. 56:8) and He hurts just as you hurt (Isa. 63:9 MSG). It isn’t weakness or failure to experience pain. Friend, you can allow yourself to feel, process, and pour out your heart to Him. Most of all, allow Jesus to meet you in your place of pain and love you as you are—snot, puffy eyes and all. Just as the loving Shepherd left the ninety-nine sheep to look for the one precious sheep who was out there, alone, hurt and lost, your loving Savior is here to scoop you out of the mess that you might find yourself stuck in.

Today, would you allow Him to lift you onto His back, carry you when you feel you can’t go on, and to love you perfectly till you’re healed and whole again (see Ps. 147:3)? The Lord promises that while weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning (see Ps. 30:5). In Him, you have hope that true love, joy, and shalom peace await you. And in due time, we know He will lead you into it, one step at a time. 👣💗 A digital magazine and online channel by Joseph Prince Ministries. Check out at for more grace-centered content.

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