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The Answer The World Needs In Dark times | Joseph Prince

We’ve lost count of the challenges everyone has faced in 2020 that has cast darkness on many people’s lives. Besides the very real struggles in our day-to-day life, we know there are also fears and mind games that can be hard to shake off.

But the truth is, in the midst of the darkness, Jesus’ light is right here and it shines even brighter. ✨ As His light pierces through every bit of darkness, it brings His life and love into the situation and into your heart. And in all of this, we have an unshakable hope that God loves us and is working everything together for our good (see Rom. 8:28).

We want to encourage you to look around for those who are surrounded by darkness and in search of hope. During this time when we can do so many things unhindered by time and space (such as watching service online!), why not invite a friend or someone you cross paths with to attend a service or church gathering online?

This Christmas season, be bold, reach out and gift a friend/loved one/colleague/neighbor a personal encounter with the Light of the world who came to bring joy, love, and peace. You never know, they might just receive a rhema word for their situation or have the encounter with Jesus that they need right now! 🙂

We are praying and believing with you that even as you gather the courage to share Jesus with your friends, their hearts will be open and softened to receive Him. ❤️

These clips are from the following sermons from Joseph Prince:
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– The Lord Of Time And Space (5 Jan 2020)
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