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The Blessing For 2022 | Joel Osteen

The Blessing

As we start this new year, I want to speak a blessing over you. The
blessing in the Old Testament was very powerful. When the father was up there in
years and about to pass, he would call his children in, lay his hands on their head,
and speak loving, faith filled words over them. These words would literally set the
course for their lives. What’s holding some people back today, is they’ve never
had the blessing. Maybe your father wasn’t around, or you were raised by people
that spoke negative things, told you what you couldn’t do, how you weren’t up to
par. I realize I’m not your father, but I believe with the authority God has given
me in this position, I can speak words that will impact your destiny for the good.
You need to let go of everything negative thing that was spoken over you. Release
every word of doubt, can’t do it, not good enough, not attractive, wrong family,
limited talent. Get rid of all that and by faith receive this blessing. Why don’t you
bow your heads and let these words soak in. Father I declare, in the name of Jesus,
that every person under the sound of my voice is blessed.

I declare that you are blessed with wisdom, that you have clear direction,
that you make good decisions in life. I declare that you can hear God’s voice
clearly, that your spiritual ears are open and sensitive, that you know the right
decision every time, that you will make choices that move you toward your God
given destiny.

I declare you are blessed with creativity, with talent, with ideas, that your
gifts will come out to the full. That you are highly skilled, that you are excellent,
that you are a leader in your field, that you stand out in the crowd.

I declare that you are blessed with courage, with confidence, with boldness.
That fear, intimidation, insecurity will not hold you back. You will step into new
opportunities, new projects, new levels, knowing that you are well able, equipped,
empowered and anointed.

I declare that you are blessed with a strong will, with self control, with self
discipline. That wrong desires will not control you, but you walk in obedience,
honoring God, putting an end to compromise, bad habits, things that are pulling
you down. I declare that you walk in the spirit and not the flesh, the power of the
Most High is strengthening you, helping you to obey.

I declare you are blessed with great relationships, a great family, great
friends. That your marriage is healthy, that there is great joy in your home, that
your children are happy, that they will stay close to you. That there is respect,
kindness, consideration, that love and peace fill the atmosphere. I declare that
strife, division, discord, hurtful words, petty arguments, unfaithfulness, those
powers are broken. God is releasing you into new levels of unity, oneness of
vision. I declare long, happy, healthy relationships.

I declare that you are blessed with good health. with strength, with vitality,
with energy, that your youth is being renewed like the eagles. That you will run
and not be weary, that you will walk and not faint. I declare that no sickness can
stay in your body, that all disease, inflammation, bacteria, viruses, are leaving.
That your body is strong, your bones, your joints, ligaments, cells, organs, skin,
tissues, blood, mind, hormones, functions properly, fully, wholly, completely the
way God created it to. I declare that you will live a long life, that the number of
your days God will fulfill, that even in old age, like Moses, your eye will not be
dim, your strength will not be abated.

I declare that you are blessed with abundance, with success, with
promotion, that whatever you put your hands to will prosper. You will lend and
not borrow, you are above and not beneath. I declare because you honor that you
live under the open windows of heaven, that you will see supernatural provision,
increase, favor. Blessings chasing you down, resources, contracts, opportunities,
the right people coming to you. I declare that your cup is going to run over, that
this will be a bountiful, prosperous, favor filled year for you and your family.
I declare that you are blessed with divine protection. That angels are
watching over you and your children. That you live under the shadow of the Most
High, that forces of darkness, of harm, destruction, calamity, cannot get near you.
A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but God has a
hedge of protection around you. You will live in peace, in safety, sheltered in the
arms of the Shepherd.

I declare that every negative word spoken over you, every generational
curse, right now that curse is being broken. This blessing on your life overrides the
curse. The past is over, the disappointments, the hurts, the mistakes, that will not
limit you any longer. This is a new day. God is releasing you into new levels of
freedom, wholeness, favor, promotion, purpose. I declare that you will become all
God’s created you to be. You will go further …

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