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The Key To Seeing Godly Results | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: What It Means To Fall From Grace (22 Nov 2020)
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Contrary to popular belief, “falling from grace” doesn’t mean falling into sin. In fact, it happens long before a believer descends into a lifestyle of sin and addiction. In this eye-opening message by Joseph Prince, see from Scripture what “falling from grace” really means and how you can get back up again to walk worthy of your high calling in Christ. Learn how you can:

• Break free from bad habits, bitterness, and depression when you see what really stops the power of God from flowing in your life.
• Receive every breakthrough you need when you stop struggling to earn your blessings and start receiving them freely from your heavenly Father who cares for you.
• See the fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, and holiness—manifest in your life when you are rooted in grace.
• Activate God’s unmerited favor in your parenting, marriage, and relationships and see them flourish.

Live on the high ground of grace and start living a life of true holiness that glorifies Jesus!

0:00 Why We Want Christ To Be Of Effect In Our Lives
1:11 The Reason We’re Not Seeing Godly Results
2:57 Introduction: The Ark Of The Covenant And The Mercy Seat
5:18 Why Is It Wrong To Look In The Ark? (1 Samuel 6 Explained)
7:41 What It Really Means To Fall From Grace
9:55 The Give Me This Mountain Videostream Study Companion

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