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The Most Effective Leaders Prioritize This | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Leadership Keys (preached at NCC Leadership Conference in 2019)

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Get powerful and life-transforming leadership keys to shepherd the Benjamin Generation in these last days! In this revelation-packed session preached at New Creation Church’s very first Leadership Conference, Joseph Prince shares essential leadership principles that will help you lead others out of defeat and into victory. Be encouraged when you learn how you can:

• Experience revival in your ministry when you preach the gospel of grace strongly.
• Beat burnout and begin serving with an overflow of joy when you prioritize receiving from Jesus before serving others.
• Adopt the right perspective of the precious people God has placed under your care and begin to lead and minister to them effectively.
• Learn how to overcome the enemy’s attacks in your ministry journey and grow to become mighty in God’s kingdom.

Be the shepherd God has called you to be over His people, and begin to see those under your care flourish like never before!

Excerpt Summary
0:00 Leaders, Let Jesus Serve You First
2:39 Value Who God Places Under Your Care
4:42 What’s Your Attitude Toward Your Ministry?
6:22 The Greatest Thing You Can Do Is Rest
8:45 Remember That Jesus Was Smitten For You

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