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The Real Reason You’re Unsatisfied | Joseph Prince

Social media and Netflix can stimulate your mind for a while, but they cannot satisfy your hunger and truly feed you with what you are searching for. Friend, recognize that you are hungry for the true bread that is the Word of God! Stand for your food today and don’t allow yourself to be robbed of the time that you spend in the Word!

This excerpt is from the sermon, Powerful Keys To Unlocking God’s Word, preached on Sep 4, 2022.

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Excerpt Summary
0:00 Why You Feel Unsatisfied—You’re Hungry!
3:00 The Enemy Always Attacks Your Food
5:18 Jesus Is The Bread Of Life
7:11 God Gives You A Variety Of Food In His Word
11:00 A Picture Of How To Study The Bible
13:47 Keep On Reading, Because It Washes You

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