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The Secret To A Joyful Heart | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: The Healing Power Of A Joyful Heart (6 Aug 2017)
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Grasp the secret to happiness and find out how you can close the door to sickness as you discover the healing power of a merry heart! Joseph Prince shows you from the Scriptures what triggers sickness and what triggers healing and health.

• Discover how worry and sorrow can wear your body down, while being joyful in the Lord releases His healing and health.
• See also the price our Lord Jesus paid for you to walk free from sickness and disease.
• Learn how living righteousness-conscious opens the gate for His divine health to come flooding in!

Hear this revelatory message and receive your blood-bought healing today!

0:00 A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like Medicine!
2:07 The Secret To Happiness
3:46 A Broken Spirit Dries Your Bones
5:37 Why You Should Smile More
7:53 Partake Of The Lord’s Supper With This In Mind
9:40 Rejoice! Jesus Went To The Cross For YOU!

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