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The Truth About Hearing God’s Voice | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Follow The Promptings Of The Spirit (6 Dec 2020)
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Imagine having someone more experienced and wiser than you, someone who’s an expert in the very areas you feel out of depth, personally guiding you to success. Child of God, you have Him! In this practical message by Joseph Prince, discover how you have the Holy Spirit living in you and how you can learn to follow His promptings in every area of your life. Learn how you can:

• Experience good success in your career, finances, relationships, and ministry when you are led by the Spirit day by day, step by step.
• Listen to the Spirit’s guidance in parenting and marriage and see your family life flourish.
• Effortlessly break free from long-term bad habits, negative emotions, and addictions.
• Grow more attuned to the Spirit’s leading when you are established in God’s gift of righteousness.

Learn how to follow the promptings of the Spirit daily, and begin to experience the breakthroughs and good results you could never achieve on your own!

0:00 Following The Spirit Is Not Hard! It’s Simple
2:06 The Spirit Can Guide You Out Of Any Addiction
4:16 Don’t Be Afraid To Take That First Step!
6:02 How God Led Prophet Samuel And Abraham
9:05 The Key To Flowing In The Gifts Of The Spirit
11:03 Don’t Focus On Sin. Focus On Jesus!

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