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To The One Who Feels Unloved | Joseph Prince (Gospel Partner Excerpt)

Why did Jesus come to reveal God as “Father” and why is it so important for us to see ourselves as sons and daughters of God? In this special interview recording excerpt, Pastor Prince answers these important questions and more.

Beloved, I believe that God wants you to discover His desires for you to know Him as your Father who cares for you. Learn how you can grow in the Spirit of sonship and let a deep revelation of your heavenly Father’s love for you bring fresh waves of peace, provision, protection, and healing in your life!

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Excerpt Summary
0:00 There Is Healing In The Father’s Love
2:15 God Wants To Be Your Father
5:39 You Are Not A Mistake
6:59 The Key To Seeing The Father’s Heart
8:31 How Do I Know If God Really Loves Me?

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