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Wanna Make Better Decisions This Year? Watch This | Joseph Prince

This clip is from: Joseph Prince—The Spirit-Active Life—How To Make Spirit-Led Decisions (5 Aug 2018) @josephprince

Ever wish you knew how to make better decisions? 🙋

Hit the play button and hear all about it today! 🎧 The responsibility isn’t on you to make everything work out for your good. When you choose to seek Him even in your decision-making, He gives you His wisdom liberally (James 1:5). He leads you by His peace and the Holy Spirit in you, and through the kingdom friends that He has placed around you.

Beloved, when you make decisions this year, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to depend on your own smarts or savvy. God has given you all the “help” that you need! The next time you have to make an important decision, will you choose to prioritize God’s ways first? A digital magazine and online channel by Joseph Prince Ministries. Check out at for more grace-centered content.

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