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What Do I Do When God Feels Far Away? | Joseph Prince

This audio clip is from: Joseph Prince—As Christ Is, So Are We in This World (15 Jun 2003) @josephprince

We all have days when we feel the presence of God so strongly and intimately, and days when we can’t seem to feel Him there at all. The highs and lows of our emotions can make us question ourselves—”Have I done something wrong? Is He angry with me for not spending enough time with Him?”

Friend, don’t fall for the enemy’s lies that “You are what you feel.” Hit play and find out how your feelings don’t determine your relationship with God. Instead, it’s His truth alone that determines how close He is to you. The Bible says He will never leave you nor forsake you (see Deut. 31:6)—regardless of how you feel each day or what you have done!

Take heart today that no matter whether you feel His presence, God is close to you (see Ps. 145:18) right until the end of the world (see Matt. 28:20). Tag a friend who needs this reminder today! 🙌🏻 A digital magazine and online channel by Joseph Prince Ministries. Check out at for more grace-centered content.

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