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What Exactly Is The Rapture? | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Understand The Times (10 Oct 2021)

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Understand the times we are living in and face the future without fear! In this revelatory sermon, Joseph Prince unpacks Bible prophecy to explain the daunting times the world is in and the difference between the rapture and the second coming of Christ. Experience renewed joy and hope in this season when you learn how you can:

• Break free from discouragement when you look forward to the blessed hope that all believers have in Christ—the rapture.
• Begin to navigate life with peace and purpose when you accurately locate where the church is in God’s prophetic timeline.
• Be delivered from fear and turmoil when you discern the difference between false teachings and the truth from the Word.
• Start being an effective ambassador of the gospel when you see how God has given you the wonderful ministry of reconciliation for the people around you.

It’s time to look at Bible prophecy through the right lens, understand the season we are living in, and live life with confidence and assurance!

Excerpt Summary
0:00 The Rapture Explained
2:30 What Happens During The Rapture?
5:16 The Rapture Is A Mystery—Once Hidden Now Revealed
7:03 Is The Rapture For Every Believer?
8:52 Have The Right Perspective Of Bible Prophecy

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