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What God Wants For You More Than Anything Else | Joseph Prince

In this foundational message, discover God’s heart for you to be healed and healthy all the days of your life!
This excerpt is from: The Secret To Health And Healing Revealed (4 Oct 2020)

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Follow Joseph Prince as he dives into an exciting study of two healing miracles in Luke 13 and 14, and uncover God’s key to healing, health, and wholeness. Discover how you can:

• Break free from condemnation and fear when you see how God does not punish His children with sickness today.
• Be assured that God is more than willing and able to heal you and your loved ones.
• Learn the secret to healing and restoration through God’s principle of rest in the Scriptures.
• Enjoy every blessing when you allow our Lord Jesus to serve and minister to you daily.

It’s time to encounter a Savior whose heart beats with compassion for those who are suffering sickness of any kind, and freely receive the miracle you need!

0:00 No Qualifications Needed To Receive Your Healing
1:18 What Does Repentance Really Mean
2:17 What God Wants For You More Than Anything Else
4:42 Don’t Doubt That God Wants You Healed And Whole!
6:58 What Salvation Really Means

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