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When You Have No Prayers Left | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Activate The Covenant Of Grace When You Pray In The Spirit! (09 Dec 2012)

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Just a groan in the midst of your trial will reach God’s throne-and bring in His grace to protect and deliver you! In this most encouraging message, Joseph Prince shows you how you can activate your covenant with God Almighty and experience His saving power when you simply pray in tongues. Discover today how you can experience the same kind of amazing deliverance that God brought to His people in Moses’ day when you ‘groan’ through tongues.

Instead of putting up with the enemy’s oppression, it’s time to activate your covenant-and see the Lord lead you to victory and freedom!

0:00 Just A Groan Will Reach The Throne
1:41 How The Holy Spirit Helps Us
2:42 You Can Pray Perfect Prayers In The Spirit
4:08 Learn How To Speak Love Secrets To God
5:55 When You Pray In Tongues, You Activate God’s Covenant
7:21 When You Have No Prayers Left

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