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Where Is Holiness In Grace? | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Where Is Holiness In Grace? (31 Oct 2021)

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Does the gospel of grace give people license to sin? Does grace lead people away from living a holy life? If you’ve ever asked these questions or heard controversies surrounding the grace teaching, this eye-opening message by Joseph Prince will show you what the Bible really says about God’s grace. See from Scripture how holiness is produced when a believer is truly under the new covenant of grace. Learn how you can:

• Live a holy life that glorifies God when you are rested in your identity as the righteousness of God in Christ.
• See miracles and deliverance from all kinds of addictions when you are established in the grace of God.
• Be led by the Holy Spirit’s perfect guidance when you believe you are the disciple whom Jesus loves.
• Produce the fruits of the Spirit like peace, forgiveness, and self-control when you know how fully forgiven you are in Christ.

Beloved, start resting in what the Lord Jesus has done for you at the cross and begin to live a life that is truly holy—set apart from the world!

Excerpt Summary
0:00 The Way To True Holiness Is The Grace Of God
2:22 Testimony—Set Free From A 35-Year Pornography Addiction
5:25 God’s Way Of Deliverance Is Always Faith
7:24 How Do We Walk In True Holiness?
10:15 Under Grace, Holiness Is A Fruit Of The Spirit

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