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Where You Are In God’s Prophetic Timetable | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: The Significance Of This Generation (preached at NCC Leadership Conference in 2019)

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You are part of the end-time generation called to move mightily in the grace of God! In New Creation Church’s very first Leadership Conference (2019), hear Joseph Prince expound on prophetic truths from the biblical story of Joseph and Benjamin, and discover how you can actively take your place as part of the Benjamin Generation and be an instrument of revival in these last days. Learn how you can:

• Step into a new level of leadership when you realize you are part of the Benjamin Generation, called to live and preach the gospel of grace.
• Operate in God’s manifold anointing and be empowered to do great things beyond your natural abilities for His kingdom.
• Beat burnout and be reignited to serve the Lord with purpose and gratitude when you see how much He cherishes you.
• Learn how to unveil Jesus in the Word for others and see the Spirit bring about exponential growth and transformation in their lives.

Step into your portion as part of the Benjamin Generation, and become an effortless testimony for the Lord Jesus and a powerful catalyst for positive change in your community!

Excerpt Summary:
0:00 Joseph Is A Type Of Who Jesus Is Today!
2:44 God Is Raising A Benjamin Generation!
5:43 What Does Leah And Rachel Represent In The Bible?
8:01 The Significance Of The Benjamin Generation
9:40 Be Excited! You Are A Part Of It!
11:01 Decibel Worship—A Music Initiative By Joseph Prince Ministries

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