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Why The Rapture Is Our Hope In These Last Days | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Prophetic Hope For The Future (28 Feb 2021)
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Would you like to gain insight into what God is doing behind the scenes in these dark times? Join Joseph Prince as he expounds on Bible prophecy to show you why you can have robust hope and strength to press on in these last days! Discover how God is working mightily and how you can be a part of His glorious revival in the end-times. Learn how you can:

• Have a confident expectation of good for the future when you interpret world events and Bible prophecy accurately.
• Experience the abundant life of joy and peace when you build your life on the foundation of the new covenant of grace.
• Behold the beauty and glory of Jesus in the Scriptures and receive fresh vision, strength, healing, and vitality.
• See revival and the salvation of souls happen like never before in these last days.

Begin to understand what’s really happening at this crucial moment in time, and start walking in God’s plans, purposes, and provisions for you and your family!

0:00 Are We Living In The End-Times?
2:35 Signs Pointing To The Coming Of Jesus
5:04 Is The Rapture For All Believers?
6:54 What Happens To Us During The Rapture?
9:07 We Have A Wonderful Future To Look Forward To!

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