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Why You Don’t Have To Worry About Tomorrow | Joseph Prince

Go from a place of stress to a place of rest as you follow your Good Shepherd.
This excerpt is from: God’s Way To Good Fortune In All Areas (19 Apr 2020)

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God wants you to experience good fortune in all areas of your life! In this eye-opening message, discover what’s stopping you from receiving God’s abundant blessings and how you can start seeing them manifest in your life. As Joseph Prince teaches from the Temple of Solomon and the story of Eutychus in Acts 20, you’ll learn how you can:

• Receive divine healing and miracles as you partake of the Lord’s Supper.
• Walk in divine wisdom, unmerited favor, and anointing when you flow with the Holy Spirit.
• See fresh revival and power restored to the church when the truths of the new covenant are preached.

Beloved, start living as a testimony for God’s glory when you learn His way to good success!

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