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You Are Stronger Than You Know | Joseph Prince #Shorts

Joseph Prince’s first book, Destined to Reign, just passed its 15th year anniversary!

This #shorts is from the sermon: God’s Great Grace Is Working In Your Greatest Weakness! (29 Sep 2013)

#HelpSomeoneReign With every copy of the new Destined to Reign 15th Anniversary Edition e-book or audiobook you purchase, you will be helping us to give away 5 copies of the e-book FOR FREE to people who cannot afford it. This is part of our ongoing commitment and mission to give away as many books and resources as possible to those in need.

If you or a loved one is going through a difficult time and cannot afford Destined to Reign, you can request the e-book for free thanks to the support of our Gospel Partners.

Purchase or request this book for free now:

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