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You Were Made To Be Loved | Joseph Prince

This clip is from: Joseph Prince—Jesus’ Passionate Love Unveiled In The Song Of Songs—Part 2 (27 Aug 2014) @josephprince

The answer to many dissatisfactions we feel today is one you might not expect. When you’re seeking fulfillment in life but just can’t seem to find it, or when you can’t kick that bad habit you’ve had for ages, what’s the solution? It’s Jesus’ everlasting love for YOU (see Jer. 31:3).

Not just His love that moved Him to die on the cross for mankind, but His immeasurable and unconditional love that is personally, specifically for you.

Whatever you’re facing today, receive Jesus’ love for you in a personal way. See Him reaching out to you, supplying all you need, setting you free from every bondage, and walking beside you in your everyday life!

Today, we want to encourage you to open your heart to experience Jesus’ love for yourself, and to allow it to flow into all areas of your life and minister to you. Beloved, Jesus specially wants to love on you! ❤️ A digital magazine and online channel by Joseph Prince Ministries. Check out at for more grace-centered content.

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