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Your Healing Is His Priority | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Your Healing Is His Priority (28 Mar 2021)
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Did you know that the greatest blessing God wants you to receive after salvation is healing? In this must-hear message by Joseph Prince, see from Scripture how our Lord Jesus places utmost importance on ministering to those who are sick and giving them their much-awaited breakthrough! Discover powerful truths that will help you:

• See God’s heart to heal the sick and step out in faith to pray for those who need healing.
• Remove every barrier of self-effort that has stopped you from receiving your healing miracle.
• Experience your loving Shepherd leading you to a place of rest—a position for receiving your breakthrough.
• Be nourished in your spirit, soul, and body as you feed on His life-and-health-giving Word.

See how much God prioritizes the healing of His people and start flowing in His miracle-working anointing today!

0:00 Healing Is A Priority In God’s Heart
2:04 Are You Trying To Earn Your Healing?
5:06 Do You See Healing As Man’s Work Or God’s Work?
7:01 When You Rest, God Works
10:28 Receive This Prayer If You Need Healing

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