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Your Words Can Change Your Destiny | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Faith That Delights The Lord (24 Dec 2020)
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Faith delights the Lord because it opens the floodgates for His breakthroughs and miracles to flow into your life! From the stories of underdogs in the Bible who faced impossible odds with unstoppable faith, find out how you, too, can face life and all its challenges with the same spirit of faith and possess every blessing the Lord freely and lavishly wants to give you. Discover keys that will help you:

• Have faith spring forth effortlessly when you see God as a good God who is for you.
• Boldly ask your heavenly Father for the blessings that are rightfully yours in Christ—including flourishing family relationships, divine healing, and protection.
• Position yourself for your miracle by focusing on the Lord’s love for you instead of your love for Him.
• Live with hope when you see how He is constantly working behind the scenes, even in your darkest moments, to make everything work together for your good.

Beloved, begin to walk in the kind of faith that pleases the Lord and start living the abundant life He has for you!

0:00 The Daughters Of Zelophehad And How They Changed Their Destiny
2:03 God Loves Bold Faith!
4:31 Have You Claimed Your God-Given Inheritance?
4:53 The Story Of Achsah And How She Changed Her Destiny
6:15 Receive This Blessing For Your Families
7:39 The Story Of Jabez And How He Changed His Destiny
8:18 Will You Possess Your Possessions Today?

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